About Us

We are the modern day auctioneer. With the oldest business around, we think it needs a bit of a refresh in some areas. With traditional auction houses concentrating on antiques and artwork we run auctions for more modern day items. Not saying we don’t and won’t run the traditional items in our auctions, but our main focus is on consumer electronics, mobile phones, cars and commercial vehicles and clearance and bankrupt stock. Our buyers get to benefit from the great products and prices we offer due to the fact that our commissions are very competitive and often 0% for our sellers which then has a knock on effect to prices they set when selling their stock.

We use auction platform https://www.easyliveauction.com/ for our auctions which many high profile auctioneers also use. W Gaines have positioned itself in the market leading the way for auctioning brand new and graded electronic stock.


Our Aim

Is to become the ‘go to’ auctioneer for sellers wanting to move their clearance stock as well as the auctioneer for buyers to come to knowing they are getting quality products and amazing prices leaving them plenty of room for a good margin if they are selling them on via online market places such as eBay or even from the own retail premises.

Our suppliers and sellers enjoy working with us as they know we have a great route to the online market place to sell their clearance stock. Other sellers wanting to sell cars and commercial vehicles also know they will receive the best price possible due to the 0% seller fees we offer.


We Gaines Auctions

Our Auction Process

  • Register

    As a commercial auctioneer, all bidders must have a registered account: this helps to speed up the bidding, payment and delivery phases of supplying your winning lots

  • Research

    While you scan through the catalogue for each online auction, look out for the guide prices and check the grades and quantity allocations (please note that V on the description means VAT is still to be added)

  • Bidding

    With research in hand and target items in your sights, it is time to stake your claim on the prize: bid keen, bid clever, watch for outbid notifications, then bid up to your pre-determined limit, and be lucky.

  • Payment

    Once the auction has ended, you'll be sent an invoice and payment link (a deposit for high-value invoices may be taken at this point). Please pay within 24 hours to avoid a late payment fee.

  • Delivery

    Once full payment has been received, your goods will be dispatched. 90% of deliveries currently arrive the next day and we are aiming for 100% (please email to arrange personal collections)


What Our Clients Say